Liquid Flow Piping Systems

Founded in 2007, with his 30 years of knowledge and experience Mike Faustini has developed Liquid Flow into a fully qualified and full service global player in the water filtration market. Since its inception, our product has been deployed in four continents. Our reputation for quality and fast service has attracted major clients from the Oil and Gas industry, Energy production markets and water treatment facilities.

We have gained experience dealing with international markets and different regulations. We are compliant to perform work to ASME piping code standards, TSSA, ABSA and the European PED. Our welders and fitters have decades of experience in structural, piping and nuclear work. Our Staff are certified to the latest ASME codes for metal ranging from Carbon Steel to Exotic alloys such as Hastelloy B3, Inconel and Super Duplex in sizes ranging from ½’’ to 36’’ diameter.

With a fully equipped machine shop and an in house hydro test area and a broad range of qualifications, we are one of the most diverse fabrication shops in the sector. We commonly work on Skid Frames, Vessel Internals, Piping, diffusers/silencers and custom pieces such as flushing rings and mixing quills. With positive growth ever year and a commitment to adaptation, we are a professional and competitive fabricator.



Liquid Flow: A Global Player

Our reputation for quality, diversity, and fast service has attracted major clients with whom we have been able to collaborate on Multi Billion Dollar projects across several key markets. We are heavily involved in the oil extraction and refining sector in both the Middle East and in Alberta. With the recent boom in domestic fracking we have had the privilege of being involved with setting up the infrastructure for the ever expanding North American Natural Gas Market. In Addition to our work in fossil fuels, we are proud to have been involved with renewable energy projects like solar and wind generating plants. We have also been part of a desalinization plant project. Part of our strategy is to stay diverse to the needs of the markets of today and tomorrow. With growing concerns over sustainable energy production and the availability of fresh water, the market for water filtration and purification is set to boom and Liquid Flow is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and being the supplier of choice for several key players in the industry, which makes us highly competitive in the global market. To Date, our product has been deployed worldwide In Places such as Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Europe, USA, Canada and many others, we are excited for new projects, challenges and innovation going forward in the 21st century.