The owner of Liquid Flow, Mike Faustini, has an impeccable track record for the service that he provides for Aquatech International Corporation on pipe fabrication and Customer Service. When he started Liquid Flow, Aquatech immediately was on board with his company. I have personally been doing business with Mike for over 15 years. He has supported our fabrication needs in house and in the field..”
Chuck Thys, Projects Fabrication Manager
Acquatech International Corporation


“Shortly after we started using Liquid Flow as a supplier for specialized piping fabrication in our projects, I realized that we discovered a valuable supplier. I started quickly to appreciate the quality of their service and workmanship, and more so, I knew that we discovered a supplier that genuinely cares about our success.I highly recommended Liquid Flow services to anyone. Thank you Liquid Flow for all your support.”
Larry Chirodea, Corporate Procurement Manager
STT Enviro Corp


“Liquid Flow has proven time and time again to be a reliable supplier with great attention to quality. Supplying products of the highest quality while satisfying the demand for keeping costs as low as possible is a challenge that we have to tackle every day. With Liquid Flow’s very high quality products and sensible prices, we know we have the right partner.”
Glen Small, Operations Manager
dB Noise Reduction Inc.